Polytechnic College List

List of Polytechnic Colleges in Rajasthan

The Department of Technical Education (DTET) of Rajasthan looks after education at Technical Institutes, Degree, Diploma and ITI level. The Department also promotes professional courses in Technical & Non – Technical fields. Polytechnic colleges in Rajasthan state offer technical education and vocational training in specialized fields. These colleges aids in self-employment of the youth. Following list of polytechnic colleges or engineering schools are available in Rajasthan for studying Diploma Engineering.

You can choose following engineering school or polytechnic college location wise from the below college list to view course and location details.

  1. Ajmer
    1. Aditiya Polytechnic College
    2. Aryabhatta College of Engineering and Research Center
    3. Aryan Polytechnic College
    4. Beawar Polytechnic College
    5. Goverment Polytechnic College Ajmer
    6. Government Women Polytechnic College, Ajmer
    7. Satyam Institute of Technology, Beawar
  2. Alwar
    1. Alwar Pharmacy College
    2. Bansur Polytechnic College
    3. Bhiwadi College of Polytechnic, Bhiwadi
    4. Dholaplash Polytechnic College
    5. Government Polytechnic College Alwar
    6. Government Polytechnic College Karauli
    7. Government Polytechnic College Neemrana
    8. Government Polytechnic College Tonk.
    9. Laxmi Devi Institute of Engineering and Technology
    10. Laxmi Devi Institute of Engineering and Technology
    11. Laxmidhar Polytechnic College
    12. Maharana Pratap Institute of Polytechnic
    13. Northern Institute of Engineering Technical Campus
    14. Northern Institute of Pharmacy and Research
    15. Shri Balaji College of Pharmacy
    16. Siddhi Vinayak Polytechnic
  3. Banswara
    1. Government Polytechnic College, Banswara (Raj)
    2. Mahatma Gandhi School of Pharmacy
  4. Barmer
    1. Government Polytechnic College, Barmer, Rajasthan
    2. Indian Institute of Polytechnic
    3. Jai Narayan Vyas School of Pharmacy and Diploma Engineering
    4. Pragyan Research Institute of Diploma Engineering
  5. Bharatpur
    1. Chandravati Educational Charitable Trust Group of Institutions
    2. Government Women’s Polytechnic College
    3. Shri Bajrang College of Pharmacy
    4. Shri Bajrang Polytechnic College
    5. Shri Gokul Verma Government Polytechnic Collgeg, Bharatpur (Rajasthan)
    6. Vikas Polytechnic College
  6. Bhilwara
    1. Government Polytechnic College, Bhilwara (Raj.)
  7. Bikaner
    1. Bright Career Polytechnic College, Nokha (Bikaner)
    2. Government Mahila Polytechnic College, Bikaner
    3. Government Polytechnic College
    4. Manda Institute of Technology
    5. Rajasthan Polytechnic College, Bikaner
    6. Raman Polytechnic College
  8. Bundi
    1. Vedant College of Engineering and Technology
  9. Chittorgarh
    1. Government Polytechnic College, Chittorgarh
    2. Rajasthan Institute of Engineering and Technology
    3. U S Ostwal Institute of Technology and Science
  10. Churu
    1. Asha Devi Polytechnic College
    2. Chandgiram Polytechnic College
    3. Goverment Polytechnic College, Jaisalmer (Raj)
    4. Government Polytechnic College, Churu
    5. Mahatama Jyotirao Phule Institute of Engineering and Technology
    6. Rajasthan Polytechnic College
    7. Shree Shoychand Institute of Engineering and Technology College Taranagar Churu
  11. Dausa
    1. Apex Institute of Diploma Engineeringmahwa (Dausa) Rajasthan
    2. Mahua Institute of Polytechnic, Mahua (Dausa)
    3. Rajasthan Engineering College
    4. Rajesh Pilot Government Polytechnic College Dausa
    5. S. J. College of Engineering and Technology
    6. Shree Digamber Institute of Technology
    7. Shree Jawahar Mahila Polytechnic College
    8. Shri Balaji Polytechnic College
    9. Shyam College of Engineering
    10. Shyam College of Engineering and Technology
    11. Universal Polytechnic College
  12. Dholpur
    1. Baba Bhuteshwar College of Polytechnic
    2. Dholpur Polytechnic College, Dholpur
    3. Maharana Pratap College of Polytechnic
    4. Maharana Pratap Instittute of Diploma Engineering
  13. Dungapur
    1. Dungarpur College of Engineering and Technology
    2. Government Polytechnic College, Dungarpur
    3. Kamaksha Institute of Pharmacy
    4. Mantram Women Polytechnic College
  14. Ganganagar
    1. Bharti Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sriganganagar
    2. C. M. R. B. Government Polytechnic College Sriganganagar
    3. Government Polytechnic Hanumangarh
    4. Parmanand College of Technology
    5. S N College of Pharmacy
    6. Seth G. L. Bihani S. D. College of Technical Education
    7. Surendera Group of Institutions
  15. Hanumangarh
    1. Nehru Memorial College of Pharmacy
    2. Saraf Institute of Engineering and Technology
    3. Shri Devi Women Polytechnic
  16. Jaipur
    1. Advait Vedanta Institute of Technology
    2. Akashdeep College of Pharmacy
    3. Apex Polytechnic Institute
    4. Bharat Institute of Polytechnic and Sciences
    5. Biff and Bright College of Engineering and Technology
    6. Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology
    7. Chanakya Technical Campus
    8. Department of Pharmacy
    9. Dr. Radhakrishnan Polytechnic College
    10. Fulera Polytechic College
    11. Ganpati C
    12. Government Ramchandra Khaitan Polytechnic College
    13. Government Women Polytechnic College, Jaipur
    14. Government Women Polytechnic College, Sanganer (Jaipur)
    15. Gurukul Polytechnic College Bhatto Ki Gali
    16. Gurukul Polytechnic College Chomu
    17. Imperial Institute of Polytechnic and Technology
    18. Jaipur College of Pharmacy
    19. Jaipur Institute of Polytechnic and Technology
    20. Jasoda Devi Polytechnic College, Dudu Jaipur
    21. Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Pharmacy
    22. Laxmi Politechnic College
    23. Maharishi Arvind College of Pharmacy
    24. Maharishi Arvind Institute of Pharmacy
    25. Mahatma Gandhi College of Pharmaceuticals Sciences
    26. Mahatma Gandhi Engineering College
    27. P. N. B. Polytechnic College
    28. R K Polytechnic College
    29. Regional College of Pharmacy
    30. Regional College of Polytechnic, Vatika
    31. Regional Institute of Polytechnic Studies Vatika
    32. Regional Polytechnic College, Sitapura, Jaipur
    33. Shri Balaji Technical Institute
    34. Shri Bhawani Niketan Polytechnic
    35. Siddharth Institute of Technology
    36. Swasthya Kalyan Polytechnic College, Jaipur
    37. V. D. Polotechnic College
    38. Varun College of Pharmacy
    39. Vivekananda Institute of Technology
    40. Vivekananda Institute of Technology – East (Formerly Vivekananda College of Engineering)
    41. Vriddhi Polytechnic College
  17. Jaisalmer
    1. Pokaran Polytechnic College
  18. Jalore
    1. Bhadriya Mateshwari Polytech College for Women
    2. S G Polytechnic College
  19. Jhalawar
    1. Government Polytechnic College
    2. Government Polytechnic College, Bundi
    3. Mother India Polytechnic College
    4. Rajmata Vijayaraje Sindhiya Polytechnic College
    5. Swami Vivekanand Polytechnic College
  20. Jhunjhunu
    1. Birla Technical Training Institute, Pilani
    2. C. R. L. Polytechnic College
    3. Keystone Group of Institutions
    4. Krishnadevi Maheshwari Pharmacy College
    5. L. B. S Polytechnic College Pacher Bari
    6. New Indian Polytechnic College, Dundlod, Nawlagarh
    7. R. N. Institute of Polytechnic Studies
    8. Rajasthan Polytechnic College, Bissau
    9. Sanjivani College of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    10. Saraswati Polytechnic College
    11. Vivekananda Polytechnic College
    12. Yaduvanshi Polytechnic
  21. Jodhpur
    1. G D Memorial College of Pharmacy
    2. Government Polytechnic College Jodhpur
    3. Govrnment Residential Women Polytechnic College, Jodhpur
    4. Indian Institute of Handloom Technology
    5. Jodhpur National University
    6. Lachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology, Phamacy Wing
    7. Lbs Polytechnic College Jodhpur
    8. Maulana Azad Institute of Pharmacy
    9. Mayurakshi Institute of Engineering and Technology
    10. Slbs Polytechnic College Jodhpur
    11. Sugan Institute of Technology and Engineering
  22. Karauli
    1. Misri Devi Memorial Polytechnic College
    2. Sorabh College of Engineering and Technology
    3. Veena Memorial Polytechnic College
  23. Kota
    1. Aryan Polytechnic College
    2. Government Polytechnic College Baran
    3. Government Polytechnic College Kota
    4. Government Women Polytechnic College
    5. Guru Kripa Polytechnic College
    6. Gurukul Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kota
    7. Kota Polytechnic College
    8. Maharishi Arvind International Institute of Pharmacy
    9. Sarvodaya Polytechnic College
    10. Shri Krishna Polytechnic College
    11. Shri Tirupati Balaji Polytecnic College
    12. Yogiraj Institute of Technology
  24. Nagaur
    1. Bhawani Institute of Technical Education
    2. C. A. M. Polytechnic College
    3. Government Polytechnic College, Nagaur
    4. Maa Sharda Polytechnic College
    5. Merta Polytechnic College
  25. Pali
    1. Clg Pharmacy College
    2. Government Polytechnic College, Jalore
    3. Government Polytechnic College, Pali – Marwar
    4. Hill Grove Col’s Institute of Pharmacy
    5. Krishna Institute of Technology and Engineering
    6. Sumerpur Polytech College
  26. Pratapgarh
    1. Government Polytechnic College, Pratapgarh
    2. Regional Institutes of Polytechnic Studies, Pratapgarh
  27. Rajsamand
    1. Government Polytechnic College Rajsamand
    2. Nathdwara Institute of Engineering and Technology
    3. Shrinathji Institute of Pharmacy
  28. Sawai Madhopur
    1. Government Polytechnic College Dholpur, Rajasthan
    2. Government Polytechnic College, Sawai Madhopur
  29. Sikar
    1. Aravali College of Technology
    2. Aryabhatta Polytechnic College
    3. B. R. Polytechnic College
    4. Deendayal Polytechnic College
    5. Government Polytechnic College Jhunjhunu
    6. Government Polytechnic College Sikar (Raj.)
    7. Govindam Polytechnic College
    8. Jrs Institute of Technical Education
    9. Mahatma Gandhi College of Pharmacy
    10. Manshi College of Technology
    11. Marudhara Polytechnic College
    12. Paradise Polytechnic College
    13. Pratap Institute of Technology and Science
    14. Prince Academy of Technical Education
    15. Prince Polytechnic College
    16. Sbs Polytechnic College
    17. Shekhawati Polytechnic College
    18. Swami Keshwanand Institute of Technical Education
  30. Sirohi
    1. Aburoad Polytechnic College
    2. Government Polytechnic College, Bagidora (Banswara – Raj.)
    3. Sh. Gokul Bhai Bhatt, Government Polytechnic College, Sirohi
    4. Shree Sadguru Seva Mandal Polytechnic College
    5. Shri U. S. B. College of Pharmacy
    6. Shri Usb Polytechnic College
  31. Tonk
    1. Aryan Mukul Polytechnic College
    2. Asians Institute of Technology
    3. Jits Polytechnic
    4. Saint Joseph College for Technical College Tonk Rajasthan
    5. Swasthya Kalyan Women Polytechnic College, Tonk
  32. Udaipur
    1. Aravali Institute of Technical Studies
    2. Balaji Polytechnic College
    3. Bhupal Noble’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    4. Bhupal Nobles’ College of Pharmacy
    5. Government Women Polytechnic College Udaiur
    6. Pacific Polytechnic College
    7. Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Technology College
    8. Ss Polytechnic College
    9. Sunrise Group of Institution
    10. Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic College